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Our Energy Bars Are Great During The Day!

Organic Energy Bars

ABOUT the IDEA: The energy bar came about because I was training for a marathon and serious about the fuel I was putting in my body. I was tired of eating the usual bars and with my natural love of cooking, I set out to bake a better, tastier, and healthier energy bar. Compared to other bars, the Fit n Fresh Energy Bar has more protein and fiber, no preservatives, and is made in small batches, so it is truly a fresh product

ABOUT the BAR: The Fit -n- Fresh Energy Bar is made from organic and natural ingredients that are tasty and good for you. Everything from the muesli to the almonds and dried fruit, are carefully chosen “power” calories to fuel body and soul with wholesome nutrition. Enjoy one serving for breakfast or a mid-day snack or a full bar as a meal replacement.

There are two varieties: original and organic dark chocolate. Specialty flavors like orange, sea salt, and cherry are available on request.

In the Western New York area, they are currently being carried at the following stores:

• Orchard Fresh
• Farmers and Artisans
• The Lexington Cooperative
• Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park
• Squeeze Juicery

*Fit n Fresh energy bars also make great "take-aways" for Wellness/Fitness events.
*Fit n Fresh energy bars are also terrific snacks for kids and busy teens.
*Terrific to bring along on hikes, bike treks, skiing and other life adventures!

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